Choose surrogacy

what is Surrogacy:
Surrogacy is the process of transplanting the embryo into the uterus of the surrogate mother and finally deliver the child by the surrogate mother.
Life is not always fair. It does not give everyone the same chance to realize your dreams----have a baby of your own. But it’s fair from another perspective, there are many kind surrogate mothers ready to help. They are selfless and very honor to help families who cannot get children to fulfill their wishes. It is a medical act that is reasonable, legal, selfless and beneficial to others.
who choose surrogacy:
1、Male factor infertility (problems with sperm, infections and their consequences, etc.);
2、Loss of the uterus due to accidents, medical procedures;
3、Pathology of the female reproductive system (pathology of the reproductive organs, endometrium, medical interventions); 4、Oncology;
5、Endocrine disorders;
6、Absolute contraindications to pregnancy (diseases of the cardiovascular system, etc.);
7、Numerous unsuccessful IVF protocols (more than 4 times);
8、Immunological infertility (when the female body destroys the male biomaterial);
9、Age (when the ability to bear children has been lost);
10、Inability to give birth to a child due to socio-psychological conditions or parental deviations;
11、Loss of an important person and the desire to preserve the memory of him in the child from his biomaterial;
12、Continuous work schedule, unwillingness to sacrifice an active social life (women in leadership positions, business women, and others);
13、Unwillingness to sacrifice physical shape (public figures).
14、Want a mixed blood baby, twins babies etc.
We have a lot of high quality surrogate mothers, and we will fully communicate with you to understand your detailed needs and help you match a great surrogate mother.
Our Angel girls (egg donor) are form all over the world, such as Brazil, Argentina, Europe, Mainland of China, China Taiwan, and the U.S., etc.. They are beautiful, selfless, wise, they hope to help intended parents to have their own babies.
We offer one-on-one full time escorted services throughout your journey domestically or abroad and secure your travel associated to be covered.
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