Sperm Freezing

How long can my sperm be stored?
Scientists believe that sperm cells can survive indefinitely once they are cryogenically stored as long as the temperature remains stable. This means your sperm remains health and ready to use for as long as you need it.
How much sperm should I store?
All samples are stored in 1mL vials. The number of vials per sample depends on the amount of sperm produced in the sample. The average is around 3 vials. Most fertility procedures use between 1-3 vials per fertility attempt.
Is there a minimum or maximum age for storing?
Our kits are appropriate for ages 13 and older. As long as there is a valid concern and the individual is fertile, storage is an option.
Can anyone else access my sample?
You are the only person authorized to access your samples, unless you give legal authorization to another individual, i.e. power of attorney, last will and testament, court order, etc.
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