Egg Donation

A woman between the age of 20-30.
Ladies' height above 1.60 meters
Physical and phycological healthy.
A non-smoker, who don’t use recreational drugs.
No genetic disease,no sextual transition disease(STD) or STD history,never get HIV infected before.
Willing to complete all necessary medical screening and phycological screening with our coordinator’s help.
Willing to accept necessary injections.
Willing to complete the egg retrieval process through outpatient surgery procedures.
If all of your answers are “Yes”, then you can become an egg donor and then complete the application follow our instructions.
1. Our compensation normally is from $8,000 to $20,000 for Egg Donor which much higher than the industry average. It’s because all our egg donors are very gorgeous girls, among them, many are professional models. The specific compensation for each one will be based on her personal condition.
2. We do not have a cap on compensations. Your compensation could be much higher than our average amount based on your spectacular personal conditions.
3. You will receive your first compensation once you start your IVF cycle and accept the first injection.
4. You will receive all remaining compensations once you have completed the egg retrieval process, regardless how many eggs are retrieved.
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