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The answer is 100% yes, We will keep you safe and relaxed throughout the process, both medical and legal.

On average, your surrogacy journey can cost anywhere from $6.50,000 to $130,000. Where you fall in this range will depend on surrogate compensation, medical needs, whether you need an egg donor, IVF costs, attorney fees, and more

We sure do! We have clients from all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Denmark, China and many more countries.

Surrogacy in the USA
Surrogacy in Colombia
Now we recommend the United States and Colombia.

Of course YES, Our Angel girls are form all over the world, such as Brazil, Argentina, Europe, Mainland of China, China Taiwan, and the U.S., etc.. They are beautiful, selfless, wise, they hope to help intended parents to have their own babies.

You’ll have access to the top 5% of egg donors & surrogate candidates. Your coordinator will guide you throughout every step of this process and address your every question so you get the right match the first time. We measure our success not by time to match, but by time to pregnancy.

1. Our compensation normally is from $8,000 to $20,000 for Egg Donor and from $3,000 to $8,000 for Sperm Donor,which much higher than the industry average. It’s because all our egg donors are very gorgeous girls and handsome boys, among them, many are professional models. The specific compensation for each one will be based on her personal condition.
2. We do not have a cap on compensations. Your compensation could be much higher than our average amount based on your spectacular personal conditions.
3. You will receive your first compensation once you start your IVF cycle and accept the first injection.
4. You will receive all remaining compensations once you have completed the egg retrieval process, regardless how many eggs are retrieved.

1. Ranging from but not limited to $50K- $80K to ensure your benefits.
2. Covered ALL Travelling Charges, Medical Screening Bill, Legal Fees, Antenatal Care Fees, After-birth Confinement Expenses, Counselling and more.
3. 24/7 on-call personal care ONE-ON-ONE coordination upon your needs.
4. Monthly peer surrogates Entertainment Retreats.
5. Up to 16 months full caring service support delivering you a QUEEN life experience
6. Full accessibility to qualified cutting-edge technologies in reproductive medicine, including Preimplantation Genetic Disease Diagnosis(PGD/PGS) to secure fetal health care
7. Reference to work resources/opportunities for your future job
8. Priority and ability to be a surrogate multiple times

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