Choose IVF

IVF include:
1、Hormonal stimulation;
2、Obtaining and selection of oocytes;
3、Collection and selection of spermatozoa;
4、Creation of embryos;
5、Selection of high-quality embryos by PGD method, sex determination;
6、Transfer of the selected embryo into the uterine cavity;
7、Cryopreservation of the remaining embryos.
8、The future mother and / or surrogate mother herself can participate in the protocol.
what is IVF
In vitro fertilization (artificial insemination) is an assisted reproductive technology for overcoming infertility, in which conception occurs not in a woman’s body, but in an embryological laboratory. Embryologists create embryos from the parents’ biomaterial (eggs, sperm). Embryos are formed not in a test tube, as is commonly believed, but in “Petri dishes”, and develop there for 5-6 days. After that, 1-2 embryos of the best quality are transferred to the uterus. If pregnancy occurs, its onset can be diagnosed after 14 days using a test for hCG, and confirmed in a month using ultrasound. Pregnancy and delivery are as if they were naturally conceived.
who choose ivf:
1、bstruction or absence of fallopian tubes;
3、Ovulation disruption;
4、Ovarian failure;
5、Antisperm antibodies produced by the female body;
6、Unexplained infertility, when, in the absence of pathologies, pregnancy does not occur;
7、Spermatogenesis failure.
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